Our goal is to be become a global entertainment company providing our own developed games for the excitement of people all across the world.

In the past, I have travelled the world for selling game software & machines. The sight of children truly enjoying themselves allowed me to feel the amazing power of games. The founding of SAFARI GAMES was driven by the dream of someday creating such "amazingly powerful games" ourselves.
Since our company was established in 2012 we have grown steadily, step-by-step, and I believe we have undergone changes. We are thankful to the clients and users who gave continuous expectations and supports to us have helped us to grow. Although it may be just a little bit at a time, we are getting closer to reaching our dream of "creating amazingly powerful games".
I feel the desire to do my best, along with my colleagues working hard together at SAFARI GAMES, and together with other colleagues who will join us in the future, to someday become a software maker that surprises the world.
Riding on the dreams and hopes of our company’s employees, customers, and everyone involved, we will spread its wings and grow into a global leading company, so please look forward to the future.

Nobuhiro Oka/President & CEO


Through the contents we provide, SAFARI GAMES will continue to pursue our aim to create affluent society’s happiness and contribute to the creation of an exciting future filled with expectations and hopes.

Company Name



[Head Office]
Shin-Osaka Ueno Toyo Bldg., 10F,
7-4-17, Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka,
532-0011, JAPAN

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[Tokyo Office]
Shiba 1-chome Bldg., 8F,
1-12-7, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo,
105-0014, Japan

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President & CEO

Nobuhiro Oka

Board of Directors

Satoshi Shimomura
Daisuke Takagi
Takayuki Matsuzaki / Auditor

Number of Employees

112 as of May, 2021


June 20, 2002


100M JPY

Principal business

  • Planning and development of software for Console games and Smart Phone games.
  • Planning and development of software for Arcade games.
  • Planning, development and distribution of Amusement game machines.
  • Planning, development of video content for amusement machines (Pachinko & Pachislot games).
  • Planning, development and consulting of Amusement machines for global market.

Main Banks

Kinki Osaka Bank /Jyusou Branch
Mizuho Bank /Dojima Branch
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ /Umeda BranchThe
Kita Osaka Shinkin Bank /Shin Osaka Ekimae Branch
The Senshu Ikeda Bank, Ltd. /Shin Osaka Branch

Main Clients
(alphabetical order)

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Dimps Corporation
Newgin Group
Sammy Corporation
Sammy NetWorks Co.,Ltd.
SEGA Holdings Co., LTD.


Here is the history of SAFARI GAMES that has grown from 2002 to today with you!

June, 2002

SAFARI GAMES founded as planning and development of amusement games software & hardware

June, 2004

Headquarter relocated to Ibaragi-shi,Osaka

Oct., 2005

Capital increased to 20M Japanese yen


Due to structural revision, changed the name to SAFARI GAMES CO.,LTD.

June, 2006

Headquarters relocated to Yodogawa-ku,Osaka

June, 2009

Tokyo Office established in Minato-ku,Tokyo

Mar., 2011

Headquarters relocated to Yodogawa-ku,Osaka

Nov., 2015

Tokyo Office relocated to Minato-ku,Tokyo